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ONE PERCENT SOLUTION . . . (one page per day) Page 64 of 252

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A satire of dysfunctional politics and economic disparity.  

Chapter VII: Day/Page 64 CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY. . . .  

CHAPTER VII: Dribble-Down Theory

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte [1769-1821]

The economic exodus from the city to jungle which afflicted Bellapraia, leading to the creation of City of God, was actually a worldwide phenomena that started a century earlier—in the “Confederation of South Republica”—with the introduction of an innovative wealth-distribution policy called “Dribble-Down Theory.”

Many public initiatives on the Blue Planet made grandiose claims and had grandiloquent names intended to obfuscate the plan’s true purpose, like the “Coalition for Moral Choice,” whose true intent was to prohibit or restrict any choices the Coalition deemed morally inappropriate; or “FreedomTalks,” which endeavored to shove a gag down Freedom’s throat the instant she opened her mouth; or the “Worker’s Rights Alliance,” whose underlying goal was ensuring that workers had no rights of alliance at all.

But Dribble-Down Theory was different. Unlike the other deceptively-named initiatives which lacked the virtuous certitude that what they were doing was worthy, and were therefore obligated to shroud their cause with a heavy coat of false propriety, the aptly-named Dribble-Down Theory, or DDT, as it was often called, was refreshingly clear and concise, in that it did exactly what its name implied, and worked precisely as it was purported to do.

The only part about the name that was perhaps a bit misleading was actually calling it a “Theory,” since, in fact, similar economic policies for wealth distribution had already been successfully employed on the Blue Planet by the kings and queens and robber barons of yore. So anyone with a basic knowledge of history should certainly have known that the propitious plan for distributing more wealth to the rich was not really a Theory at all, since it had already been shown to definitely work for several thousand years. Perhaps the theory part had more to do with whom the plan was supposed to work for this time.

The DDT plan was, as so many good plans are, exceedingly simple: Pour the vast wealth of the nation into the hands of an elite few at the top, let them invest that wealth in speculative job-creating ventures, without limitation or control, and then eventually, over time, sooner or later, bit by bit, drop by drop, a tiny trickling portion of that wealth will eventually “dribble down” to the masses of people below—hence the apropos name.

Why the masses of people . . .


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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2013 by Gregory James

All rights reserved


About Gregory James

After 20 years working and living overseas, I returned to the US and was disgusted by how partisan and polarized the country had become. Civility and compromise are now quaint things of the past, replaced by intolerance and the rule of extremes. So I gave up a lucrative career for staring at blank pages and searching for words, in the hope that words might help enact change. Stupid. . . . I know! But after 9 months of labor I birthed forth a book, entitled ONE PERCENT SOLUTION. Reminiscent of Vonnegut, with a dash of Saramago and Fforde, this humorous, satirical, often irreverent romp mocks the absurd we accept to be normal, ridicules the ridiculously low bar we set, and challenges all of us to demand more of ourselves by making light of what is sacred that shackles us.


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